Boiler servicing is a crucial part of any safety inspection. Boilers are complex machines that require regular checking for maintenance, cleaning and repair. If you have a boiler in your home, it’s important that you carry out annual boiler servicing to ensure that you and your family receive the highest level of safety and reliability from your boiler.

Catch Boiler Problems Early

From using your boiler during winter to ending all of your loads year-round, it’s easy to forget about the fact that you make use of hot water every day. When winter comes around, your boiler’s issues may be harder to ignore.

Having your boiler service done annually enables your heating specialist to find and fix potential problems before they result in major (and costly!) failure. No matter the severity of the (potential) issues with your boiler, the sooner you bring them to the specialist’s attention, the better. You don’t want to leave your boiler to its own devices all year and let it fail when you turn the heating on in the winter.

Cheaper Than Replacement

Servicing your boiler may be more economical than investing in a new boiler altogether. A simple tune-up and routine maintenance will keep your boiler functioning as it should, and because you can rectify any flaws right away, your boiler will remain productive for a longer period. A boiler that is maintained well is likely to last longer than one that is not, so you will be saving yourself money by not having to hurry to purchase a replacement.

Save Money on Energy Bills

An argument against servicing your boiler is that it’s a good financial investment; however, this is not usually the case. To discover if your boiler is working as it should, you will need to have an inspection by your technician. This can help you save money in the long run. Although your particular model of the boiler may influence how much energy it takes to run, improving your boiler’s energy efficiency will mean it uses less energy, and this will consequently help reduce your energy costs.

Keep Your Boiler Safe

If you service your boiler, you’re also making sure it’s in a safe operating condition. By inspecting your boiler, you can be sure your building will be prepared for extreme weather. Making regular visits to your boiler will notify you of any possible issues before they cause major health problems.

Stay Under Warranty

If your boiler is under warranty, this is usually only effective if it’s serviced annually. If your boiler does not receive annual maintenance for at least 12 years, your warranty may be voided, and if it breaks down, you might not be able to redeem the money for repairs. Check the terms of the warranty on your boiler, and note if it is your responsibility to schedule yearly servicing, and then do just that to prevent experiencing any issues.

Wrapping Up

Every single year, it’s required that you inspect your boiler. If there’s some problem with the boiler’s safety controls, the service contract will pay for a professional to perform the necessary maintenance. A faulty boiler can continue to function without any problems for several years but will stop working unannounced at some point. By performing regular boiler breakdowns, you can prevent catastrophic boiler failure.