If your company has to boost its personnel on a short-term basis, you may use temp staffing services or temporary staffing services, which are also known as strategic employment options.

Workers looking for short-term work may find it via temporary employment agencies (often known as “temp agencies”).This might vary from a few weeks to a year, depending on the projects and job tasks the organization gives the employee to complete. When it comes to the Temporary Employment Credit (TEC) then surely you can expect the right solutions there.

Temporary staffing is presently the primary mode of employment in Singapore

In today’s work market, temporary employment plays a crucial role, notably in the construction sector. Temporary and contract employment have risen in Singapore during the last several years. At the time of this writing, Singapore was seen as a developing market for temporary work.

According to the 2019 Labour Force Survey released by the Ministry of Manpower, part-time employment rose from 17.5% in 2018 to 18.4% in 2019. (from 17.5 percent in 2018). Both employees and employers need to be aware of the best ways to engage with temp agencies in today’s economy, since temporary workers have become a crucial part of the workforce.

Following is an explanation of Singapore’s temporary staffing procedure.

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As a general rule, working with a temporary employment agency involves the following:

  • Clients that are in need of temporary help sign a contract with the staffing agency including elements like work descriptions, pay, and perks.
  • The recruiting firm scours its database of prospective candidates to find those who satisfy the pre-agreed requirements. When it comes to sourcing and selection, certain organizations may use extra resources and relationships.
  • A list of those who have been chosen for further consideration will be sent to the client through email.
  • Onboarding, wage payment, and termination of contract workers are all handled by the agency.
  • Next, customers pay staffing agencies for all of their temporary workers, as well as an additional agency fee for the services they’ve received from the company.

Temp Agencies in Singapore provide the following advantages

In a pandemic when the global economy is experiencing a slowdown, businesses resort to temporary employment as a means of managing their people resources. Flexible, time-saving, and cost-effective: Temporary staffing

Resources should instead be used to assist the company’s revenue-generating core activities rather than for non-core objectives. Businesses are increasingly turning to temporary staffing agencies to fill open positions rather of going through the time-consuming process of recruiting and training new workers in-house. Short-term initiatives and seasonal demand, in which the number of people needed increases rapidly, are examples of this. In these types of situations, temporary staffing agencies can quickly provide a large number of qualified contractual personnel.

Last Words

Additionally, the cost of recruitment, the cost of benefits, and the cost of training are all reduced as a result of outsourcing. When companies have flexible control over their resources and only pay for the labor that is required, they are able to properly manage their expenditures.The Types of Employment guide will help you decide whether temp staffing is the best option for your organization.