Estate planning is a crucial part of anyone’s financial planning regardless of age or wealth that they have. There is a myth surrounding estate planning that it is only beneficial for the super wealthy families. Therefore, everyone should think about estate planning so that their assets and investments are passed down to the right people after their death. Having a good estate plan in place will ensure that there will be no disputes regarding the wealth in future. Estate planning is a dynamic process and must start at an early age in your work life so that it can go through changes as you move on in life. If you are planning to set up a good estate plan then it is important that you hire the right estate law firm like estate law firm Litvack Dessureault LLP to guide you through the process. 

Choosing the right estate law firm:-

  • Get referrals from near and dear ones: The estate plan is going to be an important decision in your life. Therefore, choosing a law firm that your family and friends know about in the past will be helpful for you. You must take recommendations from friends, family members, and colleagues about the reputed estate law firms in your locality. This will help you shortlist a few law firms to decide from.
  • Check the reviews and feedback: After taking referrals and shortlisting law firms it is important to go online and check the firm’s ratings and reviews given by past clients. You must also visit their website to read through the client testimonials. Another way is to check their social media handles. This will give you an overview of the services that the firm provides and if it will meet your needs.
  • Experience: The years of experience that a law firm has carries a lot of weight. This assures you that they have prior knowledge regarding everything about estate planning and distribution cases. 
  • Fee Structure: You must be upfront about the fee structure at the law firm as estate planning is a dynamic process. Before you hire the firm, take a written fee agreement from them so that it meets your budget.

Preparing an estate plan is a tedious and complicated process. You must have an experienced lawyer or law firm by your side so that you do not miss out on any crucial aspects of the plan. This is the reason why carefully shortlist and consider law firms before actually hiring them for your estate plan. Hiring a reputed estate law firm will be helpful to plan your assets and will give you peace of mind.