Every year, floor tiles, a component of interior design, rise in popularity. They are currently the favored material chosen by many builders for a number of reasons. However, a few myths regarding this tile could lead individuals to choose poorly. Below is an expansion on them. Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles are your best and most beneficial option if you want or are looking for tiles for your homes.


The majority of individuals are unclear about the cost of tiles, which is a significant cause of confusion. Tiles are popular because they are a more affordable alternative to other flooring solutions. Still, there are many variations with a broad price range, so decide which qualities you want before looking for a tile that falls within your budget.

Clean Unable

Due to their ease of dirt penetration, tiles are not always selected. Contrary to popular belief, tiles may be readily cleaned by wiping them off with the proper coating.

Variety of Styles

There is a common misconception that the selection of tiles is small. But this is untrue since we can obtain whatever pattern and color scheme we choose using digital printing processes and materials like vinyl and recycled glass.


Although porcelain and ceramic tiles are considered fragile, this is incorrect. The materials used to create these tiles have been crushed and hardened, giving them a tenant level of tensile strength and wear resistance.


Comfortable Tiles are a better option for flooring since they are visually more attractive than the alternatives and surprisingly comfortable to walk on.

Surface Quality

People frequently undervalue the adaptability of tiles, but their greatest benefit is their capacity to receive a range of coatings. They may become stronger, tougher, more durable, waterproof, and non-slip as a result. Thus, tile floors have a huge advantage over other forms of flooring as a result of this.

Resistance to Heat

The heat resistance of ceramic tiles is very good. This disproved the idea that tiles are fragile under pressure, allowing them to be employed in a number of specialized tasks.

Resilient to Abrasion

The main criticism leveled towards tiles is that they are fragile and weak, although research has consistently shown that tiles have a high level of damage resistance, especially when coated. Due to their resistance to these two common causes of damage for floor tiles, they are also scratch- and abrasion-resistant.