How do we even feel about such an act as the donation of our genetic material? We can hardly explain it to those women who do not accept it categorically.

But if you have doubts, it means that you are internally ready, but you have fears. They can be of various kinds:

  • fear of complications from the procedure;
  • Religious;
  • imposed by public opinion (many people are afraid of being judged);
  • Fear for your future feelings (“what if I eventually regret it?”).

As for religion: we have no right to impose anything on you, it is entirely your decision. But think about how many things the church has changed over time. The wearing of trousers by women, the free choice of name (after all, everyone used to be named according to the church calendar, according to the day of the angel), blood transfusions, etc. All these things do no harm to anyone – and some are exclusively endowed with good, like blood donation. An egg, like blood, is also your genetic material. And just like donating blood or a kidney will give someone more than you can even imagine.

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Of course, we live in a society and in our country it is common to discuss and condemn – and everyone cares. You have to live with it and learn to live with it. Therefore, we advise you to keep the procedure strictly confidential, and of course, we are committed to do so on our part. The right to medical confidentiality (which is the act of egg donation) and the right to privacy are protected by law. The dissemination of confidential information is subject to administrative penalties (fines).

Now, as to how you will feel in the future. Every woman, especially a mother, knows that the maternal instinct is strong. And what happens if you suddenly begin to feel a connection with a child you will never see in your life? This issue has been studied by scientists and psychologists for many years, the conclusions are as follows: if you are not ready for the procedure from the beginning – you do not need to force yourself. If you now feel that you are doing the right thing, according to psychologists, no sudden burst of love for the baby you should not have. After all, a new life has not arisen and developed within you. Many donors, on the contrary, feel satisfied that it was their femininity that gave birth to a new life. After all, nature originally gave us far more reproductive options than we use in modern life. On a deeper level, women regretted the wasted eggs. Incidentally, this is the reason why women are not allowed, as many know, to go to church during their periods.

Either way, your decision to donate an egg should be a sincere and balanced one.