Children are fond of inflatable animals for various reasons. It will allow them to have a lot of fun and also keep them busy during long car journeys or airports waiting hours. A person may find a wide variety of inflatable animals in the market, but one should carefully consider the features before purchasing one from internationalwholesale so that their children won’t feel disappointed with their purchase.

The Size and Color

Parents should weigh these two things carefully before purchasing an inflatable animal for their children. It is better to pick the one that is a little larger than your child’s height so as to allow them to have fun in it. The dimension of the toy will be measured in inches or centimeters, depending on what one wants. Also, consider how far away it should be placed from the floor so that your child can still use the safety net on it when they are playing with it. If possible, it is best to go for something with a green color so as to make it look more lively and beautiful.

The Material

The material used in the inflatable animal should be of good quality so that it will not break or fall apart easily. You can choose between plastic and vinyl, depending on your budget, garden space or where you intend to keep your purchase. Plastic is durable and light while vinyl is also water resistant and sturdier than plastic.

Safety Features

Parents should make sure that their kids are safe always when playing with inflatable animals. They can choose those that have a safety net around the neck, so that if they fall down, they won’t be injured easily. The plus ones also come with other safety features like handles, cushions, and even a helmet or padding on the feet.

The Air Inlet

It is important to check where the air inlet of your inflatable animal is located as it will help you determine how easy it is to fill it up with air. There are those that have a small opening which means you will have to use an electric pump while there others which have a wide opening that enables you to blow air into it easily.


Any inflatable product should be durable so as to allow your children to play with it for a long time. If you intend to purchase one that will be left outdoors, you can go for those with a heavy gauge vinyl and PVC that are not easily torn.


It is important to consider the price of your inflatable animal before purchasing it as it will govern how much you will spend on it. There are a wide variety of inflatable animals that have different prices, depending on the manufacturer and where you purchase it from. You may be able to save some money by purchasing online or during the sales period.

Inflatable animals are a great choice for any parent looking for something that their children can play with outdoors or indoors. It is always good to check its safety features before buying one so as to ensure that they will last longer and be used without any problems.