Does your home’s décor suffer because of its dull door? Old, weathered wooden doors can detract from a home’s curb appeal. A lack of protection from the environment, early wear and fading, and poorly selected paint can result from painting a wooden door.

This blog will tell you how to paint a wooden door. If you want to improve the look of your home and change the doors, read this post.

Why Painting Wooden Doors Is a Good Idea

Defence from the Elements

Wooden paint creates a protective covering that shields the door from elements like rain and sunshine, making it last longer.

Improved Visual Appeal

A new coat of paint can significantly enhance a door’s aesthetic value and ability to complement the rest of your home’s design.


The wide variety of treatments and colours lets you paint the door to match your home’s decor.

Value Enhancement for Real Estate

A fresh coat of paint and annual door maintenance can boost your home’s exterior appeal and value.

Simplified Upkeep

A quick wipe with a moist cloth keeps painted wooden doors looking new.

Saving Energy

Correctly painted and sealed doors improve insulation, heat loss, and drafts, increasing energy efficiency.

Revamping on a Budget

Painting your doors is a cheap method to update their appearance.

Do-It-Yourself Wood Door Painting Instructions

How to paint wooden door (วิธีทาประตูไม้, which is the term in Thai)? To paint all of your home’s wooden doors, follow these steps:

Get the door ready.

Take off any fasteners and wipe down the door to remove grease or grime. To prepare the surface for new paint, lightly sand it to remove any old varnish or paint. A thin primer layer can help level out surface irregularities like stains or discolourations.

Pick Out and Use Paint

Consider your taste and the door’s intended use when deciding on a wood door paint hue. Paint in even strokes, following the direction of the wood grain, using a brush or roller. A rich, velvety sheen is often achieved with two or three light coats. Make sure you follow the paint can’s drying instructions for each application.

Wrap Up and Put Back Together

Applying a transparent sealer after the last coat of paint has dried provides an optional extra layer of protection. Your freshly painted wooden door is now ready to be rehung; reattach any hardware you removed. By following this easy technique, you may completely revamp the look of your door.


Without expert advice, choosing the right paint for wood doors or figuring out how to paint them white could be difficult and time-consuming. Similarly intimidating, if not executed properly, is removing paint from a wooden door.