Electricity is the force that can transform people’s lives and make a better outcome. All the new inventions in today’s world involve electricity in one way or another. Electricity is making the world come closer so you can all interact globally.

Electrical Appliances are the main reasons we are living a comfortable life. So, at least have a little knowledge about these devices. Today, we will tell you about switchboards and distribution boards, and we will also tell you the difference between those two devices. So, stay with us because you need to understand these devices as these devices make your home.

What Is A Distribution Board?

It is simply an electrical device or a component of the whole electrical supply system that divides the entire power feed into small units, so it is easy to reach you. It is the main electrical supply system for commercial, residential, and industrial facilities, and it divides all the power feed.

Distribution Board is also known as DB, provides a protecting fuse or a protective circuit breaker for each circuit in a common space. They are arranged in two columns to work perfectly and ensure your security.

What Is A Switchboard?

A distribution board is a small device installed inside the house for protection, but a switchboard is not like that. A switchboard is a device that points out the electricity from one or more supplier sources to several small regions where the electricity is being used.

It is not a single device; rather, it is an assembly of one or more than one panel. Each panel contains separate switches that allow the electricity to get redirected to the point. It is divided into interconnected sections, so it can work smoothly and can direct the electricity.

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Differences Between Switchboard And Distribution Board

There are a lot of differences between a switchboard and a distribution board. But we will only tell you a few differences between these two devices, and the differences are listed below.

1) The main difference between these two is that a switchboard will provide power feeds to other distribution within your building. But a distribution board provides the feed to the server room.

2) The isolators are present in the distribution board, but there are no isolators in the switchboard due to their power feed dividing ability.

3) A switchboard has horizontal and vertical bussing, whereas a distribution board can only bussing ampacity in vertical order.

4) The distribution board installation cost is much less than the switchboard, and it also costs less maintenance.

5) The range difference between both the devices is far apart. For example, When you get to 1200 to 1600 Amperes, you look at a switchboard. If the range is less than 1200, it is a distribution board.

In this article, we have told you all about the distribution board & switchboard and the differences between these two.