There are a lot of ways through which a living being keeps itself cold. Most of the animals lose their feathers while most of the fishes are cold-blooded and have the ability to change their body temperature in line with the temperature of their surroundings.

Some birds on the other hand might have some interesting techniques by which they can keep themselves cool in the scorching sun. A vulture for example urinates on its legs and feet which evaporates and has a cooling effect. It also helps them to kill any bacteria present on their legs.

This fact of vultures might seem disgusting, but this is nature’s aid to them and they use this technique to the fullest. However, as human beings, we cannot lose our feathers nor change the temperature of our bodies according to our surroundings.

To keep our bodies cool in summer, we mostly depend upon devices that are meant to produce a cooler environment for a specific closure. Air conditioners have been proven to be one of the most useful devices for this purpose. However, they consume a lot of energy. Here are some useful tips for an effective air conditioner.

1. Install a Smart Thermostat

After air conditioning installation, the first step that might help you keep your air conditioner effective is to install a smart thermostat and connect it to your air conditioner. This thermostat can automatically change the temperature of your house through your AC to maintain a cool environment.

You can also use a smart device to control your AC through your thermostat from anywhere to keep your house at a desired temperature. This can help to keep a specific temperature for your pets as well while you are at work as it lets your cooling system think for you.

Installing a smart thermostat is an efficient way to keep your AC running efficiently. You can control it manually and you can set it to automatically improve the air quality of your house.

2. Change Air Filters

Another way to keep your air conditioning system highly functional and effective is to change the air filters regularly. Your air filters mostly get clogged by the dust and debris that is transferred through your outdoor system while exchanging the air between outdoors and indoors.

When your air filter gets clogged, your air conditioning system has to pick up a lot more energy to maintain the air temperature required for a room. So, change your air filters every 6 months to maintain your air conditioner efficiently.

3. Keep Your Doors & Windows Closed

If you want your air conditioner to perform its best and make a room cold in no time, you need to keep your doors and windows closed. Doing so can prevent the conditioned air from escaping and mixing with the atmosphere present outside your house.

Besides keeping your windows closed, if you add some curtains in front of your windows, you might get an even better result as the curtain might stop your windows from creating a greenhouse effect in your house.