As summer season strategies, as well as flip flops, end up being basic weekend outfits, almost every person is running their air conditioning system. And also, if you’re the type who likes things trendy inside your home, think 68-72 degrees, you’ll possibly be running your AC a lot.

Yet here’s the thing concerning air conditioners, as well as it’s no big secret. They do not work when you need them to.

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While they can generally be repaired, it’s not enjoyable waiting for an AC to get fixed when it’s 90+ degrees outside! When possible, you wish to prevent any issues that may trigger your AC to malfunction. That starts with knowing why your AC could not be cooling your house.
Below are the few most common factors your AC unit isn’t working:

  • Your thermostat batteries are dead

Yup. Sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your air conditioning system at all. Your thermostat isn’t showing anything, and it’s due to the fact that the batteries run out of juice.

The remedy? Change them out. Simple as that.

Transforming the thermostat batteries must be your first line of defense when the screen is empty and you do not understand why. You can call a cooling and heating firm to fix this, however, that costs way more than a few AAAs.

  • The indoor separate button is off

This could have been switched off by crash, particularly if it remains in your attic or garage. Somebody may have bumped it or something. It takes place.

Anyway, make certain the detach switch is readied to “on” before doing any type of extra troubleshooting. This simple solution could be all you need.

  • The outside disconnect switch is off

Wait. Do you imply there’s an additional disconnect button? Yes, there is.

Building codes mandate that buttons be mounted alongside your air conditioning’s interior as well as outside units. The outside one may have been turned off for any number of factors, as well as it’s quite easy to check as well as a reset if essential.


  • You’ve obtained a stumbled circuit breaker

Examine your breaker box. Is one of the breakers tripped? It could be the one that links to your HVAC system. Reset it and attempt the AC once more.

Bear in mind that breakers usually travel since a circuit is overwhelmed. If the breaker travels again, take into consideration shutting down various other equipment that may be contributing to the trouble. Or, if you do not know why it maintains tripping, call licensed contractors to detect the issue.