Biology is a natural science which has a broad scope. It is a study of living things. This field deals with the physicochemical aspects of life. It helps us understand the living world and the ways its species function, evolve and interact. Biology has bought improvements in many areas of life, such as agriculture, medicine and biotechnology. It provides an in-depth scientific understanding of how all living organisms coexist and interact. 

It also gives an insight into how diverse life forms are. Biology is a fascinating subject, but it can sometimes be very challenging to understand. However, the NCERT Solutions for class 12 biology help the student in an in-depth understanding of the subject. 

CBSE highly recommends the NCERT Solutions for class 12 biology to help all the students strengthen their understanding of the subject. 

Biology is a mandatory class and a subject that builds upon itself. It is essential to understand the basic concepts before the student can understand the complex ones. The best way to improve the comprehension of the biology exam is to learn the vocabulary associated with it. 

Below are the four strategies that the student should incorporate to make biology easy:

  • Have a positive attitude towards biology

We all are no strangers to the fact that Biology is complicated, and it requires us to remember too much theory. However, it can be exciting if the students take a step back and know what they are precisely studying. If the student has a proper attitude, it makes the subject more fun to study. The student finds it easier to connect biological concepts to real-world situations.

  • Break down complex words into their roots

The students find the vocabulary of biology complicated and difficult to spell. If the student breaks down the literal meaning of the words, he can grasp their meaning quickly.

NCERT Solutions for class 12 biology has made the student’s job easier. 

  • Make flashcards and mind maps

The best way to learn the meaning of many words is by preparing flashcards. The student can carry the flashcards along with them at any time. It is a helpful way to study. The students can also prepare mind maps. Mind maps are a visual representation of any concept. Apart from the mind maps, the students should make use of NCERT Solutions for class 12 biology. These solutions have a step-by-step breakdown of all the concepts. The concepts are explained in a detailed way. 

  • Draw and label diagrams

The simple way to learn a concept is by sketching a diagram of a biological process. If the student has understood any concept, he should draw the entire process and label all the important aspects. The student should also study the diagrams in a textbook as well. Many biology courses will start by learning about the cell and the various parts that make up the cell.

One should practice drawing these diagrams a few times before they give the examination.

The NCERT Solutions for class 12 biology provided by Extramarks equip the students in the best way possible for the examinations.