Road safety is a major concern among logistics companies which incorporates the overall safety of your drivers and goods. Businesses place the responsibility of their commodities and products to logistics believing the safety and proper management of their products is guaranteed. One of the major reasons which could lead to the failure of your haulage services is overloading. Overloading is a legal offence as per Australian law and leads to an increase in road accidents and fatalities in the logistics business.

Road accidents are always terrible news for people and organizations involved. To avoid risks there have been some developments in the transportation sector – weighing systems. With the modern-day weighing systems, the bulk transport of products is made easier and safer for drivers and businesses as well. Instead of free guessing, drivers can rely on numbers and actual data. They can know how much load their commercial vehicle is carrying and decide whether it is safe to carry the load or not.

You may think weighing scales are time-consuming and practically inaccurate to follow on a day-to-day basis. You can implement onboard weighing systems for your commercial vehicles if you are worried about the functionality of weighing systems for vehicles. The onboard weighing system allows your drivers to weigh load in real-time, wherever they are. It uses sensory software which records each load loaded to your vehicle and directly displays the net weight on the screen.

There are several compelling benefits of onboard weighing systems making it a necessary upgrade for your logistic business:

  • You can weigh the load moved into your vehicle while it’s being moved. This does not require excess effort and minimizes operation costs in the long run. This saves a lot of time in weighing your vehicles before haulage.
  • Overloading is a legal offence and can result in an infringement notice in Australia. You can avoid unnecessary expenses with an onboard weighing system.
  • It ensures your commercial vehicle is within load limit and prevents dangers associated with overloading like tyre burnout, road accident, and damage to goods.
  • Overloading means your vehicle is putting in extra effort to carry the load. By keeping the load in check, you can avoid spending excess money on your vehicle’s condition.

There are various formats of the onboard weighing system in use in Australia. You can use Force1 for truck axle weighing. OPTIWIM is a digital sensory weighing system for heavy-duty vehicles. TMU4 is used as an in-motion weighing system for logistic and passenger vehicles. Find all these leading-class weighing systems at Trakblaze, a world-leading weighing systems company with 90 years of industry knowledge.