Being a naturally occurring emotion, every person must have experienced it at some time in their life. Although getting angry is normal, it becomes problematic if it begins affecting your relationship and work. Besides, anger can adversely affect your mental health. It is not advisable to suppress your anger; instead, you should always calm your mind by controlling it. Some of the measures you can take to control your anger include meditation and yoga. Yoga and meditation sessions are very significant. If you’re interested in incorporating these practices in your day-to-day life, visit Mothers experiencing pre or post-partum depression can take these sessions to help manage the situation.

How Does Yoga Help Control Anger?

At least ten minutes of yoga helps eliminate restlessness and tension in one’s mind and body, thus controlling anger. Unlike regular physical exercise, yoga provides a better anger management technique as it synchronizes with the breath increasing your energy levels. Also, it provides the appropriate physical stretches. The relaxation realized from yoga promotes a happy mind.

Yoga Poses That Help Control Anger


Balasana, also known as the child’s pose, helps strengthen your body and calm your mind. Again, you will realize an improved body and mind connection.


This yoga pose is also known as the fish pose. Matsyasana pose helps improve blood circulation in your head and relieve stress, thus controlling anger.


This pose is also known as the easy pose, and it majors on people’s breathing. The pose strengthens your back, improves your body posture, calms the mind, improves concentration, and lowers stress.


This pose focuses on stabilizing the nervous system. Likewise, it strengthens your mind and body through improved flexibility.


Also referred to as the corpse pose, this yoga pose achieves body relaxation that helps to control anger significantly. I recommend you end your yoga session with this pose.

How Does Meditation Help Control Anger?

Meditation can control anger on various levels, including physiological reactions and addressing the underlying feelings and thoughts. Meditation decreases one’s emotional, physical, and social response to anger boosting a sense of balanced and relaxed calmness. To get a better understanding of how meditation eliminates anger, it is essential to familiarize yourself with how this emotion impacts the entire body. The irritation causes the whole body system to become instantly agitated and aroused. Additionally, emotional ruminating and processing keep the anger alive while the stress reaction gets activated via a negative cycle.

How the Body and Brain Are Impacted by Meditation

Meditation promotes emotional self-regulation and overrides human flight-or-fight reaction. It reconnects the brain and changes how people respond and interpret situations that generally make us mad. Meditation calms down amygdala activity, thus eliminating the automatic stress reaction. Also, it decreases the circulation and production of damaging hormones such as cortisol. Regular meditation regulates anger by;

  • Reducing the tendency to react impulsively and elevating the awareness of our emotions
  • Promoting the ability to cope and tolerate distress and a sense of acceptance
  • Strengthening our ability to notice, remain detached, and observe what is happening in the surroundings without judgment
  • Allowing us to remain focused on the future and present to avoid overthinking negative thoughts
  • Broadening our views and freeing us from automatic negative thoughts such as a catastrophe.