If you use CPAP equipment to treat your rest apnea, you are unquestionably familiar with the drawbacks and benefits of your CPAP mask. Depending upon your mask design, you may notice that it leaves unsightly red marks, as well as folds or lines on your face in the early morning.

The good news is, that there are things you can do to prevent these problems by choosing the ideal mask design, maximizing the fit, as well as discovering simple fixes to pad the mask sides.


Among the most important preliminary option in starting CPAP treatment is the option of your CPAP mask. As a whole, it will be just one of four styles:

  • Nasal cushions, or plastic inserts that fit inside the nostrils
  • A full-face mask, or covering both noses as well as mouth
  • Dreamwear Nasal mask, or fitting over the nose
  • A full-face mask, or covering the entire face

The amount of contact between your face, as well as the mask, will identify how likely it is to leave marks. The simple guideline is that the smaller sized the surface area pressing onto your skin, the less likely you will be to have morning folds.

Keep in mind: If you are prone to skin folds, particularly if you are older, as well as have less collagen in your skin, go with a smaller mask. If you just intend to reduce creases on the facility of your face, pick a full-face mask if your healthcare provider states it’s PK.


When you have selected the most effective dimension, you will wish to ensure that it is sized properly. Remember that the tighter the mask, the more impacts it will leave on your face. Not that this is always possible. Greater pressure typically requires a tighter mask, which typically suggests more creases, lines, and marks.

While bilevel treatment might aid by regulating breathing, as well as exhalations minimizing the total atmospheric pressure, the better remedy is to locate a mask that fits comfortably without spaces or shifting.

Keep in Mind: The primary aim is to guarantee the mask fits correctly to ensure that there is no air leak; this boosts the overall quality of the CPAP treatment. Less leakage, additionally, suggests a better fit, so you won’t have to tighten the mask almost as much.


Numerous masks have covers or cushioning for the straps. These should be utilized if you discover marks on your face in the early morning. If you need a little extra padding between your face and the mask, you might have a few added options.