A sprinkler irrigation system is an effective way to give land or gardens a natural rainfall environment. Whether it is a residential property or commercial property, green lawns always look beautiful. Besides enhancing the beauty of the property they also increase the value. Watering such a big area manually can be a hectic job. This is why most property owners are options for a sprinkler system. It is one of the most popular systems for water farms and fields as well. Anyone who is in need of installing a sprinkler system in Idaho Falls, may consult a trusted sprinkler service provider.

However, this article will describe different types of sprinkler systems. It will also describe the advantages and disadvantages of installing a sprinkler system on the lawn.

  1. Portable sprinkler irrigation system: This is a highly effective irrigation system that is made of lateral pipelines which are located at regular intervals. The pipe joints hold a unique quick-coupling connection. One can use it for different types of water applications. They are movable and one can use it for high labor requirements.
  1. Permanent sprinkler: Any permanent sprinkler irrigation from any particular steady position. For this system, the main body is buried in the soil and PVC pipes are used to supply the water. They are quite similar to the hand-mind later sprinklers. However, these types of sprinklers are ideal for cropping and farming.
  1. Side roller sprinkler: Aside from the roller sprinkler system Idaho Falls is mounted on wheels. They work in a periodic move and are appropriate for rectangular fields. Taking the help of the drive unit, one can easily move it from one place to another. Center pivot sprinklers, Traveling gun sprinklers, and several other types of sprinkler systems are there on the market. They have their own specialties and limitations as well. Before installing, have a detailed idea about the particular system.


  1. The sprinkler system is easy to set up and it doesn’t need too much labor for installation.
  2. There is no need to cover a huge area to install sprinkler irrigation.
  3. One can easily control the water supplying amount as per the need.
  4. Sprinkler irrigation can be used for different types of soil.
  5. They don’t need too much maintenance and come with a long warranty.


After knowing about different types of sprinkler systems, it is also important to know how to install them. It is always better to hire a reputed irrigation system installer for a high-quality finish. Just search online about a reputed sprinkler system in Idaho Falls that will install a complete sprinkling system on the lawn. The experts will take proper care of the sprinkler system and provide a guarantee on their service. Not all companies provide high-quality service. Choose a sprinkler system installer company after reading customer reviews and ratings. Whether it is for lawn care or crops, sprinkler systems are easy to rely on.