Are you looking for the proper bearing shaft? When choosing the FK shaft coupling bearing, you should consider several important factors. To know about these important considerations for selecting the suitable bearing, read the article below: 


Bearing load refers to the reaction that a component faces when in use. When choosing one, you should find the load capacity of the bearing. Load capacity refers to the load amount that the bearing can take. You can see different bearing loads, such as axial, radial or a combination of both. 

  • Axial bearing load means the parallel force to the axis shaft.
  • Radial bearing refers to the perpendicular force on the shaft. 
  • The combination of these forces produces an angular force on the shaft. 

Distribution Of Loads

The spherical ball over the ball bearing can distribute the load over any medium-sized area. By spreading the bag from a single contact point, the ball bearing works better in small to medium-sized rooms. Here is a quick guide for choosing the suitable ball bearing:

  • Radial Bearings: This is the typical type of FK shaft coupling bearing in the market. The radial bearing is a deep groove ball bearing that works explicitly on light load. 
  • Axial Bearings: Axial bearing is also known as a thrust bearing. The axial bearing is applicable on medium-sized loads. 
  • Combined Bearings: This is an angular contact bearing that works on combined load only. 


It would help to consider the rotational speed for choosing the suitable bearing. Using a cage, the cylindrical roller bearing and needle bearing can get a higher rate than the bearings that don’t have a cage. The expense of the load is sometimes also responsible for higher speed. The misalignment can also be accountable for not having a higher speed. 

Bearing Life

Several factors may affect the bearing Life. These factors include repeated use of bearing, bearing speed, etc. The bearing may have an impact of vibration every time it rotates. So this impact can be an essential factor that determines the bearing life. 


These are all factors you should consider for choosing the correct FK shaft coupling bearing. Hopefully, the article has helped to show the right path for selecting a bearing shaft. For details, you can also connect with the bearing shaft dealer in your area.