What Are The Two Types of LED Mirrors

For homeowners who want to enhance the overall look of their bathroom, an LED mirror is one of the best additions. LED bathroom mirrors have special lighting around their surface, giving a more transparent reflection than a non-LED mirror.

LED bathroom mirrors provide additional lighting that can make it easier for people to shave and put makeup on, among many others. Aside from good lighting, an LED bathroom mirror can also create a more relaxing ambiance in a bathroom, as some also come with smart features that can be connected via Bluetooth to play tunes.

An LED mirror Australia does not require an electrical charger to work. This type of mirror does not need much electricity compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. LED mirrors can also last for over a decade, depending on how often it is used, making them a worthy long-term investment that homeowners can consider for their home.

Homeowners can choose from two types of LED mirrors. The first type of LED mirror consists of fitting strips of LED lights angled to mirror frames. This type of brighter mirror can usually be found in a clothing store’s fitting room.

Meanwhile, the second type of LED mirror is where LED lights and diffusers are placed behind the glass panel on the mirror’s exterior. LED mirror manufacturers try to make these mirrors appear as if they are the ones emitting the light.

Homeowners must consider the bathroom size, the vanity, and the sink when choosing the perfect bathroom mirror for one’s home. Aside from this, homeowners also need to consider the mirror’s shape when choosing an LED mirror. Some prefer rounded mirrors for their bathroom, while others prefer square, arch, oval, or rectangular mirrors.

LED mirrors may cost more than regular ones, but they can serve more in the long run as they are dual-purpose. It can be used for light and the typical function of a mirror.

Learn more details about LED mirrors, how they work, and why you need one for your bathroom with this infographic by Remer.