Are you suffering from tooth loss? Have the missing teeth ruined the beauty of your smile? Well, fret not! Restorative dentistry helps overcome these challenges with the help of prostheses like dentures. These are some of the treatment options that can fill up the edentulous spaces between your natural teeth. Dentures may be the right solution for you if you are looking for an effective and affordable teeth replacement option.

Wichita Falls dentures offer a cascade of benefits that won’t make you regret replacing your missing teeth with these durable prostheses.

An insight into dentures

Dentures are custom-made artificial appliances with artificial teeth that fit in your mouth to replace missing teeth. These are thin prostheses, made up of resin, or flexible polymers that attach hard resin-based false teeth. There are two types of dentures- partial and complete dentures. 

Complete dentures attach to either the top or bottom of the gum line, while partial dentures can be fitted to those missing teeth at the top or bottom. 

Surprising benefits of dentures 

Regardless of the type of dentures, they offer an array of benefits. Dentures: 

  • Replace missing teeth
      • By teeth replacement, dentures can prevent bone resorption and loss of aesthetic facial structure.
  • Restore speech
      • Dentures replace your teeth and prevent speech and pronunciation problems.
  • Improve your chewing
      • Missing teeth compromise your masticatory function which can be overcome by dentures, thereby improving our nutrition. 
  • Boost your confidence 
      • Teeth replacement through dentures can significantly improve your smile and overall confidence.
  • Are affordable 
      • Dentures are cost-effective options as compared to bridges or dental implants.
  • Are easily customized
      • Dentures can be tailor-made according to your natural teeth and oral form to provide superior aesthetics. 
  • Are comfortable
      • Dentures enable a good fit thereby providing comfortable speech and chewing function.
  • Require low maintenance
      • Dentures require cleaning through a soft-bristled brush and a denture cleaner to avoid plaque adherence. 
      • They do not require any extra or special maintenance. 
  • Improve overall oral health
      • Missing teeth can increase your risk of tooth problems like decay and gum disease.
      • Dentures can significantly help prevent these problems.  
  • Are highly durable
    • With proper oral care and maintenance, dentures can last up to 10 to 15 years.


Having missing teeth can be distressing since they lead to debilitating consequences. High-quality dentures can overcome these challenges, and significantly improve your overall oral health, and appearance. These custom-made prostheses offer several benefits that make them an ideal option to replace missing teeth.