In a lot of households across the world, barware plays a significant role. They are considered a vital part of the interior décor of a room. But there are situations when one has to dismantle the at-home bar temporarily. Whether it is for room renovation, short of space, or relocating to another place, barware storage can be the ultimate solution. If one is hunting for storage options for barware australia is one location that offers myriad choices.

What can be stored?

The best part about renting a storage unit is that almost item from the at-home bar can be safely stored. It is advisable to avoid storing perishable items. One can easily store beer mugs, glasses, stemware, shakers, empty containers, strainers, mixing accessories, and other bar utensils in a single storage unit. Moreover, the bar furniture like bar stools and chairs can be easily stored as well. Storing alcohol, liquid mixers like soda, energy drinks, juice, cocktail mixes, etc., bar snacks, and garnishes like lemons, lines, salt, and olives in a rental storage facility is a big no. This is because food items and beverages can get spoiled and also attract pests.

Packing bar glassware

Once it is known what can be stored and cannot be, the next step is to start with the preparation and pack the bar items and accessories. Since glass barware is fragile and easily breakable, the packing should be done carefully. Anti-breakage packaging should be considered. This assures that the glassware will be safely transported and the risks of damage also decrease. It is recommended to select the storage container smartly.

Corrugated cardboard boxes with dividers seem to be the best option for protecting the glassware amidst mild movements or collisions. It is further important to take care that there is no residue left behind in the glasses, mugs, and campaign flutes, or else it attracts pests and also promotes the growth of molds. It is better to prep, clean, and dry each of the glassware items and place crumpled bubble wrap inside every glass and mug. The interior space should be filled, while the outside will be wrapped with another bubble later.

This is followed by wrapping the bar glassware into box slots and using more bubble wraps to fill the empty areas on the sides or the top of the corrugated boxes. The bottom of the box should be supported additionally with heavy-duty tape along with the top being tapped. The box must be labeled properly with words like breakable or fragile. When one is seeking packing for barware australia never disappoints.

Packing bar furniture

When someone needs to store the bar furniture, he/she needs to disassemble the bar stools, chairs, and other furnishings into smaller parts abiding by the directions given in the manufacturer’s guide. It is recommended to pack small parts and accessories like hinges, bolts, and screws in a zipper plastic bag so that they don’t get lost while moving and storing in rental facilities. The zipper bag must be attached to the primary furniture using masking tape. Wrapping bar furniture in moving quits can also reduce the risk of damage during moving and storage and also keep away from dirt.


Considering storage for barware australia offers several rental facilities. One needs to have an understanding of the items and products that can be stored safely. Furthermore, the fragile barware items must be packed properly before they are moved and stored.