Of course, anyone having that kind of money can buy an armored SUV, but does it serve the purpose? Is it worth spending so much on an armored luxury SUV if you are not in such a position?

Let’s take a look at which professionals use armored vehicles as per their need:

  1. Famous Celebrities

Fans go crazy when they see their favourite stars. And in this excitement, they may sometimes cross their limits and get nasty. Celebrities, on the other, hand, prefer privacy and security. They would definitely vote for luxury armored cars keeping in mind the aspect of security. Armored SUVs give them a different feel of higher level of security and privacy.

  1. Top-Notch Businessmen

Every business is a risk in its own; and hence every businessman lives a risk bound life. At times, a lot of confidential data is moved from one place to another in such cars. The level of security and the condition of the armored SUV depends on the type of business a businessman deals in. Heavy metal and toughened glass, along with the other modes of technology, is used in the built of the car as per business requirement.

  1. Foreign Diplomats

It is the prime responsibility of any nation to safeguard a foreign diplomat. Many treaties bringing peace to this world are signed by them; and hence their safety stands at the summit. It is a job that requires high-end security and personnel. Ballistic steel and glass are used in the making of an armored luxury SUV to ensure protection against any counter attack.

  1. President / Politicians

High profile politicians and the president require top-notch security level. They simply cannot rely only on security personnel or bodyguards during travel and tours. Therefore, getting an armored luxury SUV during any transitioning is at high priority. Higher the job profile, higher the risks involved. Their cars are customized according to the need of the situation and destination.

  1. Banks Officials And Financial Institutions

Even though we are living in an era that calls for cashless transactions, banks and other financial institutions require armored vehicles to transport coins, cash and gold from one place to another. This calls for a high-end security and a car with double protection materials. Banks need to follow certain guidelines to use the capacity of the car transporting money. Hence customization of an armored vehicle can help here.