What Does A Light Dimmer Do?

Electric light bulb brightness can be readily increased or decreased using an electronic device called a light dimmer also known as a dimmer switch. These switches can also be used to modify the voltage capacity of any lighting system.

Both homes and offices typically use light dimmer switches, and homeowners typically install these to lower energy costs, save energy, and control lighting.

You can choose the switch that most closely matches your needs from a range of sizes and shapes available for these switches.

How To Choose Light Dimmers For Your Home

It is important to choose the correct dimmer setting for the various bulbs and capsule lights, but if you are misinformed, it could not be easy. A dimmer may change the brightness of any room to create different lighting moods. 

Dimmers may enhance your lighting, aid in energy conservation, and lengthen the life of your light bulbs. By reading the information below, you can discover more about your dimmer requirements and the various varieties of dimmers offered.

  • Before picking a dimmer for energy-efficient lighting, be sure that the lights themselves can be dimmed, e.g., LED light bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs. Not all dimmable CFLs will function with incandescent and halogen dimmer models, so keep that in mind. Additionally, compared to conventional incandescent and halogen dimmers, dimmers made expressly for dimmable CFLs offer more precise control.
  • The total wattage of all the light bulbs the dimmer will be controlling should be equal to or more than the wattage rating of the dimmer you choose. For instance, you need a dimmer rated for 750 watts or more if it manages a fixture with ten 75-watt bulbs.
  • You can start considering the design and usefulness of the chosen type of dimmer once the technical considerations have been taken care of. There are many different shades and designs of dimmers, such as toggles, rotaries, and touch-sensitive ones.

Why Switch To Light Dimmers?

Some huge advantages of light dimmers are:

  • Energy Efficiency 

Installing light dimmers to control the voltage power of your home’s electric bulbs will, as is widely known, lead to energy savings on your power bills. Dimming only one light bulb can reduce your power usage by about 98 per cent. Therefore, after beginning to dim all of the home’s necessary light bulbs, you will notice evident energy savings on your electricity bill.

A light dimmer is more energy-efficient than a standard electrical switch. Thanks to technical breakthroughs, light dimmer switches are now available in cutting-edge shapes and patterns.

  • Longevity Of Light Increases

The ability of light dimmer switches to extend the lifespan of various electrical light sources by shortening the period during which their peak energy point occurs is one of their most significant advantages.

Dimming switches for lights can significantly increase the lifespan of LEDs and electric bulbs. Dimmer switches can last up to three to four years if you use them instead of regular electrical switches. The flexibility of the electrical flow in electrical light sources like lamps and chandeliers is greatly expanded by the use of dimmer switches.

  • Simple Installation

Dimmer switches for the lights will add a lot of value to your home. Because of their tiny size, you can easily put these switches in a regulation box designed for standard electrical switches.

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