At a glance:

  • This Melbourne summer festival features numerous events for kids and adults to create & share in lifelong memories.
  • Some key attractions including live music, food stalls, markets and fireworks make it a ‘funtastic’ day out with your loved ones.

Due to the immense, expansive and exciting social culture Melbourne offers, their summer festivals attract millions of locals and tourists every year. Melbourne provides a range of summer festivals that are tailored to all types of event lovers.

One of Melbourne’s biggest, newest and most exciting summer festivals of 2023 is coming right to you. Hello Sunshine brings some of Australia’s best & internationally recognised artists to the stage. With food trucks, markets, amusement park rides, fireworks and more, Hello Sunshine brings you an event-packed summer festival for you and your family; catered for all ages.

Does Hello Sunshine sound like the music & food festival for you this summer? Here’s a further breakdown of the attractions on offer this February, 2023:

Live Music:

Keen to immerse yourself in day & night of live music? This event brings some of Australia’s most talent musicians to bring live music in Melbourne back to its very best. Hello Sunshine is bringing you some of Australia’s most internationally recognised artists like Amy Shark and The Cat Empire.

We’re committed to empowering & presenting Australian-grown artists by partnering with some of our favourites this summer. In addition to the above acts, Hello Sunshine is also headlining 360, Pierce Brothers, Murray (the original red wiggle), Yo! Mafia and Cadence. Our all local line up brings alternative, indie, dance, electronic, pop & hip-hop all in one place, so there’s an artist for everybody.


It’s not just music and food at Hello Sunshine. We’re also bringing the local love of the Caribbean markets to life! With the festival located in the Caribbean Gardens, Scoresby, this area has a local history of bringing local resources & products to the people. With a variety of market stalls present on the day, you’re likely to find something that takes your fancy. Our festival is very family friendly, so if you’re worried that these markets don’t cater to the kids, we’ve got you covered. So make sure there’s room in your car, just in case you find yourself some merchandise for home!


Hello Sunshine is a day & night event, you know what that means, fireworks. What festival is complete without them? As the sun sets, Hello Sunshine we’ll continue to offer the key attractions that brought you to the event, with the addition of exciting fireworks. If you arrive early, we recommend getting well rested the night before, as this will be something you and your kids won’t want to miss. Being in February, the events climate will be more than ideal due to the warm summer nights Melbourne has to offer. We look forward to bringing this event to life, and seeing your face light up as much as the sky will on the night.

Food Trucks:

What’s a music & food festival without a huge selection of food on offer? Allow us and our selected cuisines from around the world bring your taste buds to life. Whether you have a sweet tooth, love your savoury, enjoy trying new cuisines, or thrive on spicy delights, we have everything to suit your palette.

Hello Sunshine has picked some of the best food trucks & stalls in Melbourne to give you a wide range of cuisines. Foodies can enjoy multicultural food without leaving the city, and all in one place!

Hello Sunshine will bring the magic of live events to your doorstep, enabling you to take full advantage of Melbourne’s brilliant summer. With a wide range of attractions, internationally recognised Australian musicians and more food on offer than you can image; we’re creating the ultimate summer activity for you, your family and friends. We guarantee this is a summer festival you’re not wanting to miss! We can’t wait. We’ll see at the Caribbean Gardens on the 11th of February, 2023!