If you are trying to achieve your dream body shape, body contouring is a perfect option. Body contouring incorporates various plastic surgery procedures with similar objectives. These objectives include tightening loose skin, lifting drooping body areas, and removing excess fat and skin. Different body parts and regions can be treated using this procedure, and they include breasts, thighs, buttocks, arms, hips, and the neck. Incorporating different approaches into one major surgery allows the patient to recover from one surgery rather than having several procedures. This also saves time. Body contouring is significant as it changes one’s appearance, ultimately thus boosting their confidence. For the best body contouring results, contact Mark Solomon MD, and you will never regret it.

Best time to Turn to Body Contouring and Why

Whether your excess fat is from your genes or you got it from having a baby, you can always schedule a liposuction or contouring surgery. The best time to perform your body contouring procedure is during the winter. Here are the reasons why

It is Easier to Take Time Off During Winter

Any surgical procedure will require the patient to rest and allow healing to take place. Being a significant surgery that combines several different techniques, you will be required to take your time to allow a successful healing process. Therefore, since most people usually have time off during the winter regardless of whether they are working or schooling, this will be a perfect healing period. Also, it allows you to take a break from work without your colleagues necessarily questioning your absence.

Winter Clothes Are Best for Healing

Imagine having to cover up your body during summer. The high temperatures would make you uncomfortable. As patients recover from the body contouring procedures, they will mostly have surgical procedure signs, including redness, scars, swelling and bruising. These signs are normal and inevitable after the surgery. Nevertheless, these signs can be hidden beneath your winter wear than summer dresses. This will save you from people staring wherever you go out and having to answer their nagging questions. Also, bulky and baggy clothes are appropriate for a comfortable healing process and if you want healing incisions to fade optimally.

Cool Temperatures are the Best for Healing Wounds

Most body contouring procedures will require you to wear compression garments for some time to manage to swell and support successful results. However, even though these garments are quite significant during the healing process, they can become hot and sweaty, especially during the summer. But the cold temperatures during winter serve better, allowing a comfortable stay. Also, low temperatures reduce swelling as your body doesn’t concentrate on dissipating heat.

Helps One Get Ready for the Summer

Many people relate summer to fun activities like swimming. Having your contouring procedure during winter will provide enough time to heal and get ready for your swimsuit season. Besides, most people find it difficult to wait for several months before showing off their dream body. But during winter, this will be possible, and it will grant the patient time to pay attention to the after-surgery instructions carefully. Similarly, having liposuction in summer may tempt you to show off your body before full recovery. This, in turn, may lead to the weakening of the body’s healing ability from exposure to direct sun rays.