Anyone who is into DIY knows that hand tools are an essential part of the process. But with all the different options out there, it can be tough to figure out which hand tools are the best ones to buy and even more importantly reliable and trustworthy brands and sellers with excellent customer service.

Luckily, there are some great sellers out there who can provide you with everything you need. So, whether you’re just starting out in DIY or you’re a seasoned pro, today let’s take a close look at Hi-spec, one of the leading online brands and sellers of DIY hand tool sellers and explore what makes them stand out from the competition. So if you’re ready to start your next project, read on!

·        Hi-Spec Tools Overview: What Do They Do?

Hi-Spec Tools is a leading online retailer in providing high-quality and affordable DIY tools for more than 8 years. They offer tool set kits, hand tools, and power tools for all kinds of home improvement, garage and workshop projects.

Whether you need tools that are easy enough even beginner DIYers can use, or just want great value on hand tool sets without compromising quality – they’ve got what everyone needs.

·        Hi-Spec Tools Portfolio: What Are Hi-Spec Tools Known For?

For DIY home improvement and maintenance projects, the right tools save valuable time and costs. The Hi-Spec Tools range is for all people looking for a combination of easy usability and great value.  For DIY home improvement and maintenance projects, the right tools save valuable time -and they’re not that expensive!

Whether repairing, decorating, remodeling or crafting, Hi-Spec is committed to offering quality and affordable DIY tools that encompass an entire scope of hand tools, power tools and toolkit sets.

Cutting Tools

Electrical Tools

Fastening Tools

Finishing Tools

Holding Tools

Measuring Tools

Home DIY Tool Sets

Mechanics Tool Sets

Painting & Masonry Tools

Plumbing Tools

Power Tools

Power Tool Accessories

Socket & Wrenches

·        What Are Some of Their Most Innovative Tool Lines?

·        Tool Kit Sets

The Hi-Spec range of tool kit sets is the perfect choice for those who need to finish jobs faster and easier. The most reached for hand tools are included in their sets, so you’ll never be left without what your work requires! With sturdy tools boxes, they come with everything that could be needed for DIY.

They also feature a line of eye-catching colour co-ordinated tool sets for people that want to look good whilst doing DIY (and why not!) including their best-selling pink colour range.

·        Power Screwdrivers and Drill Drivers

Find electric screwdrivers and power drill drivers in Hi-Spec’s range of power tools. These are great tools in all projects that need hard and rapid screw driving or drilling. They reduce the time needed to complete boring tasks allowing users to fix things faster than using traditional hand tools. And combat fatigue and avoid injuries that may come from repetitive motion injuries

·        Kids Tool Kit Sets

Children learn best when they are engaged in what’s going on. That is why Hi-Spec offers Kid’s Tool Kit Sets containing real metal hand tools for boys and girls to do practical construction projects as well as building craft tutorials with adult help. The sets contain carefully chosen real hand tools like hammers, pliers, and all the essential screwdrivers to start fixing things that aren’t working right.

·        How Does Hi-Spec Compare With Other Tool Brands?

Hi-Spec was built with the idea of only providing customers with high-quality tools. The company’s founder, Simon Hopper CEO, wanted to create a business that would provide tools that were reliable, trustworthy and at excellent price points for a range of budgets.

Compared to other major brands on the market, Hi-Spec can offer similar prices without sacrificing product quality or reliability. Although some customers may be hesitant to try out Hi-Spec tools, they are quickly won over by the quality of each product.

In order to offer better tools, Hi-Spec puts their products through their own internal laboratory certified rigorous testing in comparison to other brands. They run their products against international compliant regulations. These tests ensure that products are up to the highest standards before they reach the customer’s hands.

·        What Channels Are Hi-Spec Tools Available On?

Hi-Spec tools are available on their website and also on Amazon. Hi-Spec Tools offers a lifetime warranty on its hand tools and an amazing 3-year warranty on power tools. This means that if you ever have any issues with your hand tools eg. a ratcheting wrench or electric drill, you can contact the company and they will repair or replace them free of charge. This is just one of the ways that Hi-Spec sets itself apart from other tool brands. Its products are always high quality, reliable, and come with great customer service.

·        Is Hi-Spec Tools A Good Tool Brand?

When it comes to finding the best DIY tool brand, you want one that is reliable and has a variety of options.

Hi-Spec Tools are a great tool brand because they offer great quality tools that are reliable. Their tools are of fantastic value and are perfect for any DIY project.  They have excellent customer service that promises to respond within 24hours.

They offer a lifetime warranty on hand tools and a 3-year warranty on power tools, whereas most tool brands only offer the statutory 1 year of service. This ensures that your investment is safe when purchasing products from Hi-Spec Tools. You can always rely on them knowing that if something happens with your tools within the period they will fix it or replace it free of. This is why so many people choose Hi-Spec Tools as their tool brand because you know that they will protect your investment.