There are several reasons why you aren’t losing weight, but weekends are the main culprit. You can consume less calories five or six days a week while eating more calories one or two days on the weekend. The problem is that you still need to keep track of your caloric intake on the weekends; otherwise, you’ll probably consume much too many calories and return to maintenance. You may also read more about this matter on the website.

We usually follow our diet plan and exercise routine regularly from Monday through Friday, but on Friday night, most of us let all our guards down because “Thank God It’s Friday!”

Set the Cheat Meal Regulations

Every weight loss program should include a cheat meal since it is necessary to reset the metabolism, fulfill cravings, prevent binge eating, break through weight loss plateaus, and most significantly, it makes it less harder to stick to your diet plan. Your attempts to lose weight shouldn’t be ruined by a cheat meal, nor should it make you feel guilty. People discover that cheat meals enable them to break through weight reduction plateaus. But keep in mind that a cheat meal is an opportunity to enjoy your favorite food, not a chance to binge eat, overindulge, overeat, and abandon your weight loss goals.

Count your calories

Eat only 300 calories more than you normally would during your cheat meal. Additionally, do not preserve all of your calories for the weekend by practicing food restriction throughout the week. The idea of “saving up calories for the weekend” wouldn’t work because our bodies aren’t like banks and accumulating calories throughout the week in anticipation of a cheat meal wouldn’t be wise because all those additional calories would likely be stored as fat in our cells.

It’s okay if the weekend sometimes gets the best of you. Don’t blame yourself or feel bad if you veer off course, advises Langer. “Everybody occasionally blows the doors open. Just go on and resume your regular eating routine. If you occasionally overdo it, nothing awful will happen; just try not to do it frequently.” Being in a calorie deficit is as easy as math, it’s a straightforward procedure, but many people don’t report it by accident because they aren’t aware they consume far more calories on the weekends than they think. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!