Even though fashion trends evolve daily, there will be some products that can’t be replaced with others. One of the examples is the Rolex watch. Since it is the biggest and most popular brand in watches, everyone might have heard of Rolex. It is a watch with a unique set of design and mechanical movements. 

It’s obvious that the watches are expensive based on their quality, design, and functionality. This piece will give you an idea of why Rolex watches are expensive? You will also get to know the fashion and style of Rolex watches. These masterpieces are mostly different from other watches in many ways. 

What do you think? Do Rolex watches (Rolex watches, which is the term in Thai) run on battery-powered quartz movements? Even though, in the past, Rolex watches used an oyster quartz battery, it stopped working soon. Now Rolex watches are the ones that work through manual or self-winding movements. 

A Rolex is a Swiss-made watch that not only looks solid but also works accurately. This watch has received great recognition for the highest third-party designation for accuracy. Along with these, the watches are COSC certified. It is versatile in design and is divided into classic models and sports watches. You can also search for watches based on your profession, interests, etc. 

For example, it gives a wide selection of diving professionals, swimmers, etc. 

Highlighting Facts About Rolex Watches 

Making Time

How many days does it take to create one Rolex watch? Looking at their quality, you can easily figure out that the experts haven’t used any shortcuts to create them. It usually takes 12 months to make a Rolex watch. 

Individual Tests

To check the test for water-resistant Rolex watches. The watch will be placed inside the air-filled chamber, through which they will conduct the air-pressure test and then, test it with actual water. 

The Quality Of The Materials 

Rolex doesn’t compromise on the quality of its materials. A group of geologist experts research, buy, test, organize, design, and set the stones for the different watch models. The materials include rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and other metals. It uses stainless steel, which is rarely used for other purposes. 


Unlike other products that lose value after some time, Rolex watches have a constant value. You can even consider it an investment while buying it. 

If you were unaware of the value of Rolex watches, these facts and features might have helped you to understand them.