Nowadays, you might have observed that ladies prefer to wear less-weighted small gold mangalsutra in their daily routine. The ladies do not feel comfortable wearing the conventional old mangalsutras as they are large in size, heavy-weighted, and do not match all kinds of attire. The working women prefer small-sized mangalsutra that is easy to carry and looks good in all types of attire. Hence, the traditional gold mangalsutra is now mostly kept in the bank lockers and worn by the ladies on only special occasions like weddings and other ceremonies. 

If the mangalsutra is kept in the lockers and not worn daily by the woman, it loses its importance and power. A woman these days love to wear a western outfit more in her daily routine, so the jewelers have started designing the mangal sutras accordingly.

Let us check out the list of some traditional and modern mangalsutra designs that go well with all types of outfits. 

  • Mangalsutra with Kundan Style Pendant:

The gold mangalsutra with Kundan style pendant set looks stunningly beautiful and gives a flawless look to your outfit. It is made of 22k gold with black and gold beads stringed in the gold chain and a Kundan-style pendant adorned with colored stones and a beautiful design. This enhances the ethnic look when worn with a simple saree, Anarkali suit, or lehenga choli on any special occasion. 

  • Mangalsutra with Floral Style Pendant

The floral design in the jewellery pieces enhances the beauty of the person that wears it. The same floral pendant is added in the mangalsutra design with a short-length chain stringed with gold and black beads. The botanical design is a mixture of traditional design that is upgraded with a modern touch. Along with black and gold beads in the chain, some red-colored beads are also added to give a unique look to the design. 

  • Mangalsutra with Peacock Style Pendant

Peacock work is most famous in the jewelry designs of Maharashtra and Rajasthan. It gives a beautiful traditional look to the jewellery and hence the same is added to the mangalsutra design. The mangalsutra with a peacock-styled pendant can be worn with all types of attire on any occasion. Many of them add more double strings to it to make it more comfortable and stronger. 

  • Mangalsutra with Watimani Style Pendant 

It is the special type of traditional mangalsutra worn by Maharashtrian ladies. It is called watimani or vatimani mangalsutra as the pendant is made of two bowled-shaped watis/vatis that is hollow from one side and designed from the front side. In Maharashtrian culture, the two vatis/watis is the symbol of togetherness and the bond between the couple that they cherish for their entire lifetime.

  • Mangalsutra with Traditional Pendant

It is the most common type mangalsutra that almost every woman has. The traditional pendants are made of gold and large in size. The chain of the mangalsutra is longer than the usual ones and it gives a heavy look when worn on special occasions with ethnic attire.