The quality of every product entirely depends on its parts, how they are assembled, the details, etc. Similarly, industrial connectors are important parts used to make various applications and it is important to understand which is the best one for your application. The connectors are the electromechanical devices used to create a circuit by joining electrical conductors. The create a circuit, the male component known as the “plug” is connected with the female component, known as the “socket”. 

The industrial connectors are majorly available in very common shapes – rectangle and circular. Both are used in various applications but it is important to understand the difference between them to identify which one is suitable for which equipment. 

Let us understand both the connector types better in this article.

Circular Connector

It is a cylindrically shaped industrial connector designed with multiple pins that are used for the transmission of electrical signals and data. The electrical connection is made using contacts and thus power is supplied to various electronic devices. The circular connectors are designed in a way that the process of connection and disconnection becomes very easier for the users. No tool is required for the connection or disconnection of signals in these connector types. This is the reason they are used for the applications that are used in very extreme and harsh environmental conditions like dust, extreme water pressure, extreme temperature variation of hot and cold, etc. 

You will find the usage of circular connectors in almost all kinds of devices like medical equipment, street lights, vehicles, and various other industrial machines to consumer electronics. The combination of applications and the connector type is entirely dependent upon the requirement of power or current supply and the environmental conditions. 

One example of a circular connector is M12 which is most commonly used in industrial automation. Another example is M8 connectors which are commonly used in smaller sensor-actuator devices. 

Comparison Between Rectangular and Circular Connectors

The rectangle shape of the industrial connectors has various benefits over the circular one but both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Rectangular connectors are sleekly designed to make them more user-friendly and can be modified according to the requirement of the applications. They can easily carry multiple signals and are hence useful for various devices with such requirements.
  • The rectangular shape helps in making the contact density higher and less space when compared with circular connectors. The complete space is fully occupied inside the connector without leaving any extra space. 
  • As they are designed with stackable shells, they are easy to use and require very few tools for their tightening.
  • Another important property of rectangular connectors are pin remains more protected in it as compared to the other one. 
  • They protect the devices from overvoltage and less damage to them.
  • A rectangular connector can do the job of more than one circular connector. This made them more economical in use. 
  • The mating and un-mating of a rectangular connector are much easier as compared to the circular one.