Commercial cleaning and choosing the right cleaning products can be both overwhelming and intimidating at the same time. If you are hiring a vendor or a cleaning contractor, it is always best to have the products personally chosen at your end. If your current products aren’t yielding the desired results, it’s time to replace them. Always use the good quality products for promising results and safety. 

Here are some key considerations to make before picking the right cleaning product.

How safe are the products?

  • As compared to other workers in the industry, the cleaning professionals suffer a lot more injuries in general. According to statistics, they are injured two times more than the other workers on the job.
  • The injury and the side effects can be minimized by using products that are less abrasive or harsh. Proper protective equipment must always be worn to reduce the chances of exposure to harsh fumes. Pick the products that have third-party safety certifications.
  • It is better to avoid products with chemical components like quaternary ammonium. It is directly linked to developing airway allergies. You should always check the SDS sheets of any new product that you are thinking of incorporating. Products containing highly toxic compounds like alcohols, glycol ethers, caustic acids, amines, phosphates, or bleaches should be avoided at all cost. 
  • A cleaning professional must be exposed to a closed-loop cleaning system. In this way, the professionals won’t come in direct contact with the product.
  • Always pick the products that have green labelling on them. These will reduce the amount of residue that is left behind and will prevent the growth of bacteria and pollutants on it.

Pick the easy products

  • Always pick the products that do not need a training procedure.
  • Choose the products which can be easily used.
  • Go with the products which already have a training manual with them.

What should be the budget?

  • Use the concentrates that can be diluted by dispensers before using. This will help you save a lot on ready-to-use products.
  • Use budget-friendly dispensers to not use a lot of products in a single place. The dispenser will help to distribute the product evenly across the surfaces.

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