Rolex did not make its place in the world just like that. Their quality and service have made Rolex so famous in the world today. And now people want to know more detail (ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม, which is the term in Thai) information about Rolex. So, for people curious to learn more about Rolex, here are a few things that make Rolex and its services unique. 

What Is The Reason Rolex Is Different From Other Watch Brands? 

Rolex is full of amazing things, so let’s see what those are. 

  • Rolex is the first watch that made waterproof watches. 
  • Their timing maintains the most accurate timing of -2/+2 second a day
  • All their watches are mostly put together by hand to make them error free. 
  • They make their own steel for their watches. 

What Makes Rolex Survives So Special?

When you buy a Rolex watch, there is no place for error. They are made with perfection, and if still, if you feel like your watch needs to go through a service. Here are the facilities you can get.

  • Longevity Guarantee

It takes close to a year to make a Rolex watch. Hence, Like an apartment, a Rolex watch can live a long life from one generation to another. They are designed to last forever. 

  • The Watch Is Taken Care By Professions

The chances for Rolex servicing are meagre, and each service of this watch is several years apart. But when you take your Rolex to an official Rolex workshop, the specialised skilled team checks the watch. And they will look into your watch more closely than any other watch brand. 

  • Service Procedures Of Rolex 

When a Rolex watch comes to a workshop still, it leaves the laboratory. Every minor detail is checked. Each mechanical of that watch is completely repaired. Also, they refurbished the case and the band to restore the original sign. Then tested the accuracy of water resistance and the exact time. 

  • Warranty

Generally, Rolex already gives five years of warranty. But after that, when you service your Rolex watch, it gets an additional 2year warranty after every service. This warranty does not cover accidents or mishandling issues. 


You can see how incredible Rolex watches are and what a fantastic service they provide. All these features make Rolex a luxurious international brand, which lets people know more about this brand. Even if you try to find other watches, it will be difficult for you to find a watch with the same level of quality. So if you are willing to buy a Rolex watch, there is no reason to worry about the service.