Great design is simple, elegant, and, above all, useful. Lighting is an essential component of every successful design. If you have too little, you won’t be able to see; if you have too much, the area will be difficult to be in. 

Installing dimmers is among the simplest ways to improve the operation of your house. This is a common approach used by designers to transform a space, and it can be as easy as switching out a light switch.

Although dimming has evolved as new lighting technology has become available, it does not have to be a difficult task. There are two things to think about to make sure you’re doing it correctly: the first one is the source of light, and the other is the dimming method that will be used.

What Is A Light Dimmer?

Dimmers are lighting control devices that allow you to dim and modify the brightness of your lights. It is handled by altering the reference voltage in the bulb, allowing the brightness intensity to be changed and adjusted.

By using a decent dimmer, you’ll be able to reduce the voltage provided to the bulb, resulting in lower consumption and expenses. Additionally, the lifespan of your lamp will improve, requiring you to switch your bulbs less frequently.

Dimmers and dimmer switches are now used in both commercial and residential settings, including theatres and music halls.

There are many different varieties of light switches on the market, which vary in size according to the function. Proficient dimmers are regulated primarily by digitally controlled systems like Dante or DMX, which can also be handled via Ethernet connection. Whereas a small home dimmer only requires the setup of one switch.

Types Of Lights To Use With A Light Dimmer


This is your standard screw-in bulb, well-known around the world: A glass bulb with a passage of electric current through it and a wire filament, usually tungsten. The wire changes color as it warms up and emits energy in the form of lights. That’s the simplest light source, yet it is among the least efficient. 

Newer versions use halide or xenon to help fight this. These bulbs use their monikers to replace the inert gas within the bulb, substantially extending the filament’s life and boosting efficiency.

Dimming Sensor

Dimming sensors are the latest generation dimmers that merge the ability to change the intensity with a power control system and motion detectors to provide a complete solution. 

These are the most intelligent dimmers now currently on the market, but they have progressed so far as to employ software that analyses the regulated area and makes digital modifications, automatically altering the sensitivity and timing settings, among other things.

Bottom Line

The selection of appropriate dimmers for various bulb and capsules light types is critical and might be challenging for those who are not well-versed in the subject. A dimmer is a device that allows you to modify the degree of brightness in any space, which allows you to create a variety of different lighting moods. 

Dimmers can help you produce more accommodating lighting while also saving you money on energy costs and extending the life of your bulbs. If you’re looking for the best-quality light dimmers in the market, look no further than IndoAsian’s collection! IndoAsian has a large selection of light dimmers and bulbs to choose from.