If you highly value your time and effort, it is better to opt for taking a private taxi transfer. We advise you to book a reputable York taxi, which will promptly take you from the airport to a specific destination in Greece. This mode of transportation, known as a local taxi, is becoming more and more popular in Greece and particularly in York.

Private transfer advantages

When ordering an individual taxi Thessaloniki airport to Halkidiki, you get the opportunity to independently choose the make and model of the vehicle, as well as discuss other travel conditions. Among the benefits of an individual choice, it merits pointing out:

  • Security. By choosing an individual transfer, you can rest assured that you will rapidly arrive at the ideal location. There is no reason to thoroughly consider the forthcoming course, buy tickets, etc.
  • Professional service. When moving, every detail matters. Accompanying people sitting behind the wheel are perfectly oriented on the ground. 
  • Comfort that is guaranteed, even if you are traveling with a large family or your luggage is unusually large. If you are traveling with animals, it will be more convenient to use a private transfer.
  • Efficiency. Individual orders are always executed faster and better than collective ones. If you do not need stops, you will be there in the shortest possible time, bypassing traffic jams.

Individual approach to each client

It is possible to hire a car in Thessaloniki with a driver, and the service provided will fully meet the criteria that are important for the client. If the client has such a need, the driver will be fluent in a foreign language. If you are in a city for the first time, you may need a driver who is well versed not only in geography but also in the history of the area. If you wish, you can request a car of a strictly defined class with a set of characteristics.